Flip the Bird

I was driving south on U.S. 41 in the middle lane around five thirty, hungry as hell, anxious to get home but not looking forward to another microwave chicken pot pie for dinner (i hate to cook when i have to eat by myself) when I spotted my favorite Italian restaurant so I thought, why not eat Italian tonight?

When I veered out of the middle lane a whole series of sights and sounds followed;  the deafening blast of a diesel horn, the sight of rubber flapping behind four huge spinning tires, the blaring horn of a car growing louder as bright blue LED lights filled the passenger side window, followed by the sight of a boy riding a bicycle suddenly veering off the side of the road flashing me the bird while disappearing down a steep embankment.

As my tires dropped onto the gravel parking lot I glanced to the right just as the boy and his bicycle disappeared into the thick growth of cat tails at the bottom of the swale while at the same time I heard an angry voice shout, ’’Why don’t you learn how to drive you stupid fuck!”

I looked up in time to avoid side swiping a black Mustang,  coming within a foot or two of the driver’s face, his body extended half way out of the car window his lip curled into a snear looking like he wanted to kick my ass.

continued …

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