Sight II


There’s a place where  life is never bare of mice and madness, where the world will come again flogging  itself with delight every step of the way; made more evil by men who besiege, hold prisoners in bonds of deepest despair; their love warped and cruel and rotten with usury to the core; unstable men, mean mother fuckers users abusers confusers, bastard misers thwarted useless pliers of  love with pain, scorn hurters, driven to kill life’s most precious gift.

Will the end ever be in sight? Never!!  Innocent love will always die by lies, life’s most precious gift taken and destroyed.  They’ll always be the same, no matter …

From summers lost till spring when you were me and i and we; the times we ran together, we drank our fill never knowing … there’s killers out there the likes of which you’ve never seen, who lie their likes and dislikes, who spend their false revenue so freely to fuel their selfish lust with platitdes of loneliness and despair.

The End

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