Sight I

 … or i might come up here and find white and dazzling, diamonds, chicken legs, easter eggs on the inland waterway, diamonds sparkling off cleavage water, trillions of carats for hugs.  and why not? dazzling iridescent half life ur-anal-ium lives within the bones where dry spirit resides, where clothes fit right and everything flows down hill and grows big and horney inside … I might go there … .

Does it doesn’t matter … what’s right or wrong, what the others think in the quietude of their midnight thoughts, through trees against the black starlight trees a breeze awakens …  next, full nuclear moons topped  with heads with of full of sight but only knowing hind sight  the proof so vainly made.  Lighthouse visions cross the bay with diamonds pale by comparison. but I don’t care! mortuary johnnys come lately.  what difference would it make?

Their ancient beasties water driven motion detectors, thousands and hundreds of million trillions of magi millions and scallions of spent worthless money … they took their own filthy lucre!

Yes!!  i remember completely loved by those weaklings linking sausage casings, with joints and  smokey joes?the spent crystal stones your heart’s treasure spent so carelessly, sewn within a trunk,

make them go! I can’t stand their betrayal!

Like it or not you say?  i’ll just stop before my eyes burn me from inside, before it might get even worse …

It’s useless! They’ll just throw it all in the shit can anyway since this is the stink of all betrayers with their kind courtesy,  the likers of no mercy, their words spoken from outer spice land while you don’t even know what to do about it but lay around and ’round watching the spinning wheel …

Continued …  

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