Journey to Marquette III

… I thought he’d welcome me into his home with open arms.  I was wrong … continued … 

After pleasantries and an uncomfortable silence, he asked if I wanted a glass of lemonade.

We sat on the front steps reminiscing  about the time we played football against Fenton winning that game in the last fifteen seconds and the time he ripped the crotch out of his pants during practice while showing us the proper way to do deep knee bends, before making it clear he didn’t want me hanging around since his wife and son would be home soon, for dinner.

Walking away I visualized him tumbling down from the heavens, where he had been sitting on a throne next to other gods of sport, landing face down in the mud no better than any other person I had ever met during my 16 years of living.

It’s amazing how a little rudeness can completely rearrange your history of the world.

UnknownI paid $3.50 for dinner; meat loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and two glasses of chocolate milk at a family restaurant downtown then, seized by some insane impulse,  stole a girly magazine (i think it was called Stag) from a rack just inside the front door of a corner drug store after paying a nickel for a pack of Juicy Fruit gum.

continued …


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