Perfection IV

Talk to anyone on that team and they will tell you with total clarity what happened the last 15 seconds of that game.

We were 6 points away from winning, 45 yards from the goal line with enough time to run one play.

The only way to score would be to complete a long pass to the fastest guy on the team, Jack Van Dusen.

We knew Jack could outrun the defensive corner back.  But with double coverage it could take 3 or 4 seconds longer for him to get into the open .

IF we could give Randy, three or four extra seconds of protection.  IF Jack could out run the defense.  And IF Randy could throw long and accurately enough for Jack to catch the pass, we could score and win the game.

It was time for each of us to reach inside for that extra measure of greatness the coach had instilled within us.

We formed the huddle, hands on knees, shoulder pads to shoulder pad in a circle, staring at the turf, listening for words we knew we would hear.

Randy called the play; “Throw long to Jack, on three.”

Before the ‘break’ there was silence.  We looked around the circle at each other, friends since kindergarten or before.

Someone said softly, probably Danny (Newman)  “Let’s do it for the coach.’’

We clapped in unison barking, ‘’Break!”, turned and walked toward the line of scrimmage completely focused on what we would do after the third ‘’HUTT!”

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