The 60s and 70s were such tumultuous times!

It started when the song “Masturbation Fantasy’’ by the Fugs and ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday” by the Monkees drove baby boomers into an insane frenzy of utter and complete madness intent as they were, on remaking the world to their own liking.

Following The Fugs lead soon everybody was fucking everybody!

Adding idiocy to mayhem, Timothy Leary was telling people to get high on Nyquil or Contact Cold Syrup while Carlos Castenada told everyone they could be in two places at the same time.  Their individual messages only fueled the fires of insanity described by the New York Times as, ‘an uprising of the deviant ‘mid-range I.Qers.’

Clusters of “long hairs” vomiting on street corners were seen brandishing psychedelic colored bottles of cold syrup held tightly in  their clenched fists giving the finger or yelling ”Fuck you capitalist pig,” to men driving by wearing neck ties and fedora hats.

Women flaunted their breasts and wore crotchless jeans.  A couple had sex on the Quad and no one even noticed!

After the Viet Nam War things changed.  All of the draft dodgers were out of full time jobs.  So, they decided to be part of the American dream.

Most of them became insurance agents or ‘Call Girls’ but a lot of them became Tupperware sales people, train conductors, Gal Fridays, car salesmen, psychiatric nursing technicians, convenience store clerks, short order cooks, corporate executives or they worked at GM or Ford.

Whenever their favorite ‘oldies’ station played “Pleasant Valley Sunday” they’d looked wistfully into the distance.  The air, thick with charcoal smoke, they’d throw another burger on the bar-bee and tell stories about the good ‘ole days and their  kids would just stay inside with their smart phones moving thumbs up and down not even giving a shit.