Perfection III

What a great night it was two years previous when we played the perfect game against that same  team beating them in the final fifteen seconds.

We were a different team two years ago.  The same individual players but, with a different coach.

While we didn’t have the fastest runners (although Van Dusen was pretty fast), or the biggest linemen, our strength lay in our  coach.

I couldn’t tell you what it was about him.  All I know is I’ve never felt such an intense desire to please another person as I did for him.  We all felt that way.

Without even realizing it we learned that the other players on the team team were as important – maybe even more important, than ourselves. He formed us into a beautiful machine designed to work hard and to work well but only in conjunction with everyone else.  Like cogs and wheels inside a swiss army watch.

Maybe this is the quality that makes a good team great.  I wouldn’t say our team was great.  But we had a certain ‘greatness’ because of these shared qualities.

Continued:  There were no glory boys …

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