Perfection II

Continued: … They called it Woody Hayes style football.  ’Three yards and a cloud of dust’.  

Since I played in the backfield I got to run the ball a lot.

I wasn’t one of those flashy, fast backs who picked up big yardage on long runs.  Built low to the ground with powerful legs I could always be counted on to pick up three or four yards for a first down or to score within five yards of the goal line.

My hero, was a guy named Charlie Tolar who played for The Houston Oilers.  They called him ‘the human bowling ball.’’  At five foot nine like me,  he could run over players 30 or 40 pounds heavier.

My philosophy for running the ball was the same as Charly’s.  Come out fast,  stay low to the ground and be mean.  Instead of running around a player it’s better to lower your head a steamroll over the top of the guy.

My nickname wasn’t as picturesque as Charley Tolar’s.  The local paper called me ‘the workhorse.’  of the team.

Continued:  The Perfect Team 

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