We lost that game by two touchdowns.  I think the score was 28 to 14.  It wasn’t our best game by any stretch, especially when you’re plying the best team in the league; a team that hadn’t been scored on all season.

Two years earlier we beat the same team in the most thrilling experience  i’ve ever had playing sports.  A true team effort with every person having done their job to maximum abilities making every single block we needed to make, create the diversion with a fake give off, throw long and hope for the best, it came together with perfection a moment of sheer madness that we were one person filled with the joy of winning … not just winning but, feeling joy that you knew every single one of us knew what we had experienced and everyone on that team knows that we all had the same experience!

Who knows what would have happened this time, if we had played the near perfect game we played that night two years ago?

Anyway, they had these two brothers.  Identical twins i think.  The Madden brothers.  Early in the game I watched one of them leap so high for a pass he seemed to pop straight up out of the earth like he was levitating.  Or maybe he had stepped on the back of one of our players  then leaped even higher before wrapping his arms around that pass and falling into the end zone.  It was disheartening to think they could do this whenever they wanted.

Looking back I’ve embellished the memory.  Now it seems that, when he leapt up and caught that pass,  he was looking over at me on the side lines unable to do a firkin’ thing while his body and sneering face fell into the end zone The bastard.

We had different styles of play.  They were a flashy team with big plays. We wore our opponents down grinding out the clock, moving downfield three or four yards at a time.  An occasional pass reception until the five yard line where we’d punch it over for the touchdown.

They called it the Woody Hayes brand of football;  “three yards and a cloud of dust.”

Continued:  Charlie Tolar, The Human Bowing Ball …

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