She faced downward, her spine curved, one side of her face drooped.  He held her hand, wiped the drool from her mouth. They seldom spoke.  Their hands spoke for them.

I pictured her as a slender and beautiful young woman.  Was she a good dancer?   Did she have children?  I imagined them kissing with youthful passion.

I thought; true love can’t be described, it’s a vibration between two people.  Was I seeing true love?

She turned and looked at me, seeming to sense my presence. The left side of her mouth curled into a half smile. Were her eyes telling me she understood my thoughts? Was she answering my question? “Yes, dear boy, you are seeing true love.” How did she know my thoughts?

She faced her husband.  He inclined his head, listened then rose and pushed her to the opposite side bench.  I wondered why they moved. Was the sun too hot?  Did she think she had answered my question and it was time to move on?   Was she too tired to continue our silent dialogue?

After moving I craned my neck to see them. Facing forward, they spoke softly then turning toward each other, they smiled and nodded their heads in unison. Were they telling each other secrets? Was she telling him a boy flirted with her? Or maybe she remembered when they first fell in love and wanted to relive the moment one more time.