Diary Of A Madman 2 1/2

Do you have agoraphobia sometimes? I do.  But not today.  I was in the city.  I didn’t have to be afraid of any agriculture while i was there.  Are you afraid of agriculture??

I stay inside my house for weeks at a time.  The corn field out back terrifies me.

 Jeeze, I’m so sleepy. I was up at two o’clock last night.

Thank god I got up.  One of those small tear shaped light bulbs somehow clicked on.  maybe the cat did it.  it laid against the bottom of my couch on the side where it was hard to see.

When i got up at two I saw a tiny bit of smoke rising up from the couch.  I thought it was temporary but it smelled really bad.  I bent down to look. There was a tiny orange burning spot about the size of 4 pin heads down there on the bottom edge.

Left alone it probably would have engulfed the couch and killed us all probably including the cat too.  But, I have super awareness. Things jump out at me all the time like that.

Like, one day I was listening to the radio in my car and I changed stations and the same song was playing at exactly the same spot on a different station! Weird … but that’s my life.

Wull … I’m glad I drank too much coke earlier that evening the day before before dinner when I was really thirsty after having mowed the lawn in the hot Florida sun.  If I hadn’t mowed the lawn, got thirsty and drank too much coke, I wouldn’t have had all that caffein in my body, so i wouldn’t have gotten up at two a.m.  by now i’d probably be dead and you  wouldn’t even be reading this!

But so what? My life isn’t worth anything anyway.  I’m afraid of agriculture,  I’m obsessed with hosing the back porch plus lately I’ve been unsteady on my feet.

I’ve been really depressed because nobody came to the birthday party I threw.  My mom wasn’t even there!  But I forgave her.  Being at my birth was more than enough.  Plus, she hasn’t been around for a long time.

Wull … there’s one thing I know for sure Jennifer,  where there’s smoke there’s fire!  You better believe it!

hey! Lovers of silliness!   go see little monster girl.  she’s pretty and she has nice hands and she draws scary cartoons.  she made me write all this looney plop!  https://lmgcomic.wordpress.com

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