Jeeze … i’m a bad person … . I didn’t send you the money because I was tied up for a whole week!  My wife finally came home from a week in Borneo and untied me from the hose I got wrapped up in when I fell hosing the back porch.  The computer was close by but i couldn’t get my right hand free to use use it and my left hand was amputated a few years back.

I really wanted to send the $10 via Pay Pal.  For a while i thought i could reach the keyboard with my nose.  I tried so hard!  But no cigar.

Wull … I couldn’t escape because I live in a community of deaf mutes.  They live on both sides of my house so no one heard my cries for help and i couldn’t do sign language with just the stump.

Do you still need the money? hahah … who doesn’t need money, right?

i’ll send the $10 soon, ok?

Continued … $50,000 !? Don’t bet on it

(A week is a long time to be tied up by a hose.  I almost died of… )