I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … The End

 Before the cackling to died down 

i realized i had a chance 

to get the hell out of there 


i didn’t say something really stupid

which would start another talk cycle …

a soft voice inside my head kept saying, 

‘’quiet, quiet, quiet … ‘’  

….. ….. …..

 o.k. so … 

if you really care

here’s what finally happened …


I played it real cool … rose and

stretched, like i had just finished

my PhD thesis …  

i walked toward the door

where i had all those thoughts about Alexander Graham Bell … 

 dropped my paperwork into the 

Inbox, turned and said, 

‘Hey, I gotta go.  

i left my car running.  have a great day …  ! 

Oh! and Carol … call me ! …

i promise i’ll check my messages … ”


i glanced back as the door closed …

all three of them we wore big grins …  

jennifer’s head was twisted around

 like the girl in the 

Exorcist …

 finally, the door clicked shut and …

i was free … !

walking away, I pictured the three of them

cackling another 

G Note

 because of what a big ‘’Clyde’’ i was … 


For me,

life seems like a never ending

series of ridiculously funny episodes …   

of course

it can also be a huge pain in the ass …  ! 

 the end of this episode was pleasing

enough … 

i was happy to get out of there unscathed …

i didn’t even beat up on myself  

for acting really stupid …

(of course, i’m not sure what happened 

wasn’t really stupid …  !)

but i guess as long as they all had 

smiles on their faces 

everything worked out just … 

fine … 

Fini … 

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