Light Stained Against A Sea of Thought

Among visions held within my mind that night

 A dozen or more times within my

sight …

a place where  time was small

with purest boyhood dreams …

my sun and single pleasure sought …

I moved from place to place …

seeking other orbits … better places to see and

move and turn about

to look upon her

face with

wonder …

 A return thence,  from where I came … !?


 Light stained against the sky of thought

suspended in time … hovers over every place …

waiting to be seen …

perfect prizes captured to be lived in

momentarily …. or like

 rain returning to the sky

for future retrieval …

the light of days re-mingled …

the never ending  cycle of return

from days remembered  …

light shining taken in

like air to a newborn child …

thoughts that flicker in and out

like waves along the shoreline of

purest water replacing every grain of sand

ad finitum … taken back to

  where  it all



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