Street Dance …


The street was charged with the movement of a

gale force wind …


People watching on the sidewalks or

on canvas chairs

seemed powerless to resist

the energy of the dancing

mass …


As the mob of dancers grew

it reached critical mass,

broke apart and became

separate layers of a powerful

storm …


Adult dancers formed the larger wind streams …


Children flowed around the

larger currents of movement …

small eddies within the storm …

more powerful because of their

compressed energy …  little tornados within the

swirling mass of

movement …


Four women with dyed black hair wearing

black leather vests with rhinestones,

high top cowboy boots,

black stockings with torn holes exposing their legs,

black t-shirts cut into strips at the bottom


tight black leather skirts …

dragged on cigarettes …


They exhaled smoke from the side of their mouths or

turned their heads and blew …


One of the women turned away from

the others, bent over

and began coughing

violently …


Her mouth formed the shape of an O …

her tongue rested on her lower lip in the shape of a U …

her face turned beet red …


while she hacked and barked

and hawked

the other three laughed and

pointed at her …


She began coughing into her hand

wrapped into a fist while

moving her head up and down

as if in agreement …

  continued …

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  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Great story!
    Sorry I’ve not answered your email, so much work 😢 tooooo much work.


    1. Kurt Struble

      toooooo much paper work i bet … yech! don’t worry about answering … i’ll be here … i’m fasting until i hear from you but … don’t worry … just kidding … ! any time … ks

      Liked by 1 person

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