Shot In The Face II … !


continued … Well anyway, it doesn’t happen very often that i have an insatiable urge for something sweet .… AND that i’m really thirsty at the same time …

At that point any semblance of clear thinking ended.  I made the ridiculous decision to bring the Coke into the bedroom where I could sit on the edge of the bed and drink to my heart’s content.

Staring into the refrigerator, my eyes half open, feeling dull and thoughtless,  I found the Coke on the bottom shelf.

Those litres of Coke are heavy!  The carbonation makes the surface hard as a rock.  I definitely did not want to drop it on my toe.

I wrapped both hands around the bottle,  lifted it out of the refrigerator and moved toward the hallway.  When the refrigerator door closed I was in complete darkness.

I pictured myself sitting on the edge of the bed tasting the sweet Coke as I moved toward the bedroom door.  I was so thirsty!

Three short steps into the room I shuffled to the right.  While moving along the foot of the bed, I removed my right hand from the bottle, reached up and with great deliberation, turned the cap of the Coke bottle counter clockwise.

There was a fucking explosion!

continued … NOW it’s time for Jamie and Claire in An Echo In The Bone making love inside a tree in zero degree temperature … and more … 

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