I learned a valuable lesson that peaceful quiet night when I shot myself in the face.

Life can can change at the drop of a hat so drastically with such ferocity  when you least expect it that I will never take for granted any situation no matter how peaceful it may seem.

It all started on a typical night at around three a.m.  A time at which,  for as long as i can remember,  i have woke from sleep with an insatiable need to taste something sweet …

i’ve been doing this since i was fifteen years old.

Usually I stumble into the kitchen my eyes half closed in a coma like state … only occasionally banging my forehead against the edge of the bedroom door … where, standing in light from inside the refrigerator i’ll eat three or four chocolate chip cookies with a swig of milk in between, stumble back to bed and fall asleep.

i consider myself a cookie aficianado.  Chocolate chip cookies have always been my favorite but recently the white chocolate macadamia nut cookie has usurped the royalty of chocolate chip which has fallen to second place with peanut butter in close third.

They are all satisfying.  But, since the macadamia nut cookie has only recently entered onto the cookie stage they are fun to eat especially when i feel like i want to splurge.

Well anyway, it doesn’t happen very often that i have an insatiable urge for something sweet .… AND that i’m really thirsty at the same time.

continued … parched with thirst, Jamie and Claire in An Echo In The Bone making love inside a tree in zero degree temperature … and more …