London Broil Redux

continued … why feta cheese, he wondered ??  … she said it had something to do with goats milk and the symbyotic relationship goats have with tomatoes ..??


she gloated it over him …

the meat thing, i mean … 

and the fact that he wasn’t working …


naturally, he didn’t want to make waves

so he ate the damned feta cheese .. 

(after all … he WAS unemployed) …


but he would NOT give in when she asked if he 

liked the feta cheese … !


she always laughed, 

‘i can tell by the look on your face it sickens you!!!”


one night he had to leave the table after eating

a piece with green mold … !


after that, 

he hated bleu cheese more than ever … ! 


she followed him to the bathroom 

chortling the whole way, 

 ‘’i know why you’re sick you flack ass,’’ she said … 

it’s that cheese you liar … !  you hate it … !’’


he told her he thought it was

something he ate at the unemployment office …

she laughed again … 

’’probably one of those meaty hot dogs you like so much you 

meat eating, in denial vegetarian … !” 

she said it with a 

shit eating grin on her face …


she put her arms around him which 

he though was kind of nice for a change but

she faked one of those knee jabs to his crotch …


when he doubled over she called him a 

doofey unemployed jake ass …


he laughed to himself … 

”what the hell is a ‘jake ass … ?”  

continued …

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