If You Liked ‘… It All Happened That Night” You’ll Love This ….. London Broil

They had meat for dinner almost every night …

but for months he had been eating tomatoes and feta cheese for dinner even though he hated feta cheese …

he couldn’t stand the taste and it made him sick …

she insisted all along he become a vegetarian and she insisted he eat feta cheese even though he loved meat and potatoes …

” .. honey ,” she said, “as long as you bring home the bacon you can have whatever you want … !”

which ….  this was the problem  … !  

he hadn’t worked for months and 

tomatoes with feta cheese is a LOT cheaper than 

two people eating london broil … !  

(even though they had plenty of money … )

it was her idea he only eat feta cheese and tomatoes …

he just shook his head …

why feta cheese, he wondered ??

 … she said it had something to do with goats milk and the symbyotic relationship goats have with tomatoes ….  ???  

continued …

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