The Saddest Poem

no words to express …

thoughts too steep to climb

to see the world and all its space …

to know the truth

to find that place ..

of course it’s always there and

always it will be …

the problem ..

how to find it on a

rainy cold day like today …

the air thick like

tears from another planet

that touch the skin

and melt your face away …

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  1. Little Monster Girl



    1. Kurt Struble

      what does a yellow heart mean anyway ?? i see that thing all over the place. does it mean you love but, you are afraid (yellow) to show it? or does a yellow heart mean you are feeling empathetic like i assume you felt reading the saddest poem …
      sp maybe the yellow heart is a sad heart? ??

      whatever it is i enjoy’d reading and speculating about your comment … however brief they are … they always just ….. do something to me …. !! signed; k.s. .. red heart, smiley face, yellow heart, purple heart (if you’ve been wounded by love) .. and the biggest heart o…….. oh sorry, i didn’t mean it. thanks again and, you really need to find a decent decongestant for that Little Girl of yours … ks

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      1. Little Monster Girl

        I just like yellow!


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