A Day In the Life … V

decided not to go to Wall Mart to exchange the water purifier and furnace filter until later so …  

maybe i’ll just mess around with the mower to see if i can fix it so i don’t have to buy a new one … i’m torn now … should i go outside, get some fresh air and work on the mower or stay here, take some measurements and weigh the magazine rack so i can get them both posted to ebay?  … or, maybe i should just keep writing because that’s what i really want to do anyway ….. 

so, there it is …. my day … a day in the life of one person … it hasn’t been a BAD day … fairly normal by my standards … i have to go out for food later … i have to go to WAL mart to exchange that stuff i bought but i hate to shop at Wal mart for food (even though they have better produce)  or go to Neiman’s because they have great bagels  .. i figure i’ve got plenty of time to make a decision … meanwhile i’ll type and maybe in a few minutes i’ll know whether to go work on the mower ..  i guess i’ll try to post at least one item then go to Wal mart AND go to Neiman’s … but i have no idea what i want for dinner  … not another bag dinners please !!  but what???  

well …  like i said .. it’s been fairly normal … i hope you all have had a healthy happy day full of wonder and surprise and magic moments and the feeling of accomplishment .,.. if that’s something that turns you on …  i hope you love and were loved and i hope you read a great book or learned a lesson in life … maybe had an epiphany about something and this is what i want for everyone reading this for i love you all and i am astonished by you reading these words and my heart is full but most of all i hope you laughed and laugh and will laugh and laugh and laugh … ks

The End Of A Day In the Life ,,,,, 

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  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Awe! You’re so sweet. I find so many nice folks/bloggers out there. We all have something interesting to say. It’s nice when someone does spend the time to read it. 😃 Have a wonderful weekend!


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