A Day In the Life

continued … i figured i’d do something useful for a change … 


so i made plans for the tub job, visualizing all my moves, writing problems down  that i had the solutions for.

it felt good that  i had taken the time to go in there and plan the job since there were problems i never would have imagined if i would have jumped right into the job without thinking it through first …..

as i was leaving the bathroom, i realized i hadn’t eaten all day … that’s when i got sick to my stomach.

so i made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toast … threw down my meds, drank a cup of coffee, while bouncing around dancing to Kincade and Unerworld wondering what i was going to do next, when i happened to pass by the laundry room where i saw a pair of jeans that needed to be thrown into the dryer …

continued …

…. with its big picture window facing east across Lake Huron, the water blue with a nice chop but no whitecaps …

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