continued  … i grabbed the shop vac went into the bathroom and and sucked it up …


continuing … while i was sucking i noticed how lousy the baseboards looked so i decided i’d tape them off and paint them … BUT NOT TODAY .. i just wanted to make note of it … … AND  … that i needed high gloss paint too … … so i got smart … i went to where my tablet was, to make a note to myself, but on the way i saw the computer and remembered the pictures i wanted to download so … i decided that i’d probably remember that i wanted to do the paint job AND that i needed high gloss paint …. i sat down at the computer, started looking around for the pictures and noticed there was a ”Events” file which, once i figured out what it was, realized it would make accessing pictures so much easier … … so i set up a new “Events” file for ”moonlight photos” because along the way, i noticed that i had taken some pretty cool moon shots (even though they were pretty grainy i figured the graininess added to the character of the pictures …… )… i centered a couple of those moon shots and used the color enhancer … then i found some pictures i took one night,  of water sprinkling down from the shower head (next to the pool outside) with the outside light shining from behind, making the drops of water look like globules of gold falling through the air … i cropped a lot of dark space around them ……  along the way i saw some of my ”everyday things” pictures which i clicked on and dragged into that file … then i noticed i had TWO moonlight files so i emptied one and put them all into another … what the hell … ?  so, i continued searching for everyday things to file and found some barn shots that i put in the barn file …then i said … FUCK … ! i’ve got to take a shower and get the fuck out of here … !