When i was was a boy

I spent summers along the northern shoreline of


on a point of land wrapped around a fresh water bay …

where I had the freedom to

roam the sandy beaches

camp out among the dunes

explore the pine woods 


search through cat tails in tannin colored ponds

 for …

all sorts of life … !


I fished for perch and small mouth bass

off the end of the Coast Guard dock

stretched 100 yards into bay waters ..

at the same spot where my Dad learned to fish

when he was a boy .. !


I swam in the cool fresh water of the Great Lake

whenever and wherever I chose to …

diving into the waves, rising and falling,

my hands skimming the ridged sandy bottom

mimicking waves above me …


During summer storms


countless fingers sent giant white caps

 crashing against the shore

the northern wind would lift me up into the trees

where I was absorbed into pine scent,

yellow pollen, poplar leaves and

curling birch paper …


At night when soft waves lapped against the shoreline

I became the sounds of the lake

in concert with the trees

and lake’s whispered words,

a chorus of unspoken thought

wrapped in glacial water and

ancient life

the hush of night secrets …


 When I melted into summer sand …

joined with the grains,

the rush of waves,

the blue black night with stars


orange moon on the horizon,

the lights on the distant shore,

the unseen green of another reality ..

the great lake came alive within me

and my


filled the

sky …