Sweet Susan’s Battle Shoes/ Stocks and Foreclosure’s Innocent Whore Wars



… or i might come up here and find white and dazzling, diamonds, chicken legs, easter eggs on the inland innersoles, sparkling off beverage water, trillions of carats for hugs and what not … dazzling iridescent half life ur-anal-ium penetrating the bones of dry spirit tides where clothes fit right and everything flows down hill and glows big and horney inside … i might do that … among other things …


but, it doesn’t matter … what’s right or wrong, what the others think stinks … in the quietude of pine sole comet’s trees, topped  with coke head oafs big as gel but barely pee-wee’s dandy … and more leading the way … i’d say his lighthouse visions crossed the bay with her diamonds pale compared but, .. who cares!  her snare drum hair beating, her breast fed mortuary johnny come lately money policy … so what?


Yeah ….. ancient beasties water driven motion detectors, thousands and hundreds of million trillions of magi millions and scallions of spent worthless money … filthy lucre.  Yes!!  i remember well, the spent crystal aquiline stasis of your heart’s treasure spent succinctly, sewn completely, loved with weaklings linking sausage casings, the joints of smokey joes.


so go!  ‘cause i can’t stand it! or your betrayal, like it or not you say.  so i’ll just stop before my eyes burn me inside, before it might get worse and then i’ll have to throw up on my shoes!


i’ll just throw this in the shit can anyway since it stinks all betrayers of kind courtesy,  the likers of no mercy where words speak from outer spice land and you don’t even know what to do about it but lay around and round watching the spinning the wheel you lazy bum.


they say YES of life! Well i say NO and NO AND NO .  and i don’t care anymore … I feel their breadth and width within my sternum’s access … my ribs too!  but, i WILL adore the annals of the floor where i parked naked shoes awaiting distant travel, voyages abroad, before coming home to mama … her manna … from the dead zone before i died outside the window of my soul .. where i saw it all ..!


there’s a place where  life is never bare of mice and madness, where the world will come again flogging  itself with delight every step of the way … that dusty old road from the time i thought i’d see it end and saw it once again …  then could i never see again … blind from day one … born with massive hydroseals below the breasts of women’s madness …

… but, they couldn’t help themselves! the poor sweet things, they wanted love but made more evil by men who besieged them, held them prisoner in bonds of deepest despair their love warped and cruel and rotten and usury to the core … unstable men, mean mother fuckers users abusers confusers bastard misers thwarted useless pliers, lovers of pain scorn hurters driven to kill savannah beasts on parade.  then? … the end in sight? Never!!  i knew it wouldn’t last.  the end will never end  … never …  i knew it never could … i knew it never would  … they’ll always be the same … no matter …

all in all three times work made it pay, but it never paid so well as the day that i was born, gone on my way but never older .. not one day older, not one day older not one day.  so sad.


nor will i climb that wall of desire between the sheets and the knot holes i found  in the layers of my mind functions lost.  It’s layered spaces!


my summers lost till spring when you are me and i am we when we ran together, when we drank our fill.  you know what I’m talkin about!!

all i know is, there’s killers out there the likes of which you’ve never seen, who lie their likes and dislikes, their false revenue spent on selfish lust while nevermore have i seen such platittdes of ridiculous loneliness and pain.  NEVER!!!!!

The End

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  1. queenbookworm

    Wow! Don’t know what it means but the words are great. You sure sound angry!


    1. Kurt Struble

      well … now you know … ks


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