So I Told Little Monster Girl


i told Little Monster Girl

i said …

i’m gonna be flyin’ with the big bird to the northern climes,

hitting’ the ‘motor city’ around eight

to pick up the explorer …


within three hours i’ll be in big pine country

on the sunrise side

watchin’ the sun pop up over big Huron water

above the eastern plane with a

cup a hot coffee with real cream … !


i’ll be seeing

the big ORB rise up

orangery red shinin’ low

beneath grey streaks of sliver

clouds … the great


throwing light across the

broad plain

just before full brilliance

orange streaks

shimmering across water

with white light beads

embedded at the speed of time

streaked with deep blue black water

in light chop,

funneled straight at me …

FOR me,

i know … it knows

i love … it so …


standing at the shoreline

with a cup of coffee with real cream …!

looking down on

shimmering light


at my feet …


i feel sun’s warmth

with soft white dimmers

blowing against my face …


don’t they call that the solar

wind … ?

  continued … or i might be there and it’ll come up white and 
dazzling,  (you never really know how it’s gonna glide up over the 
plane …, continued 

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  1. Little Monster Girl

    Wow! This is really cool! 😄💛


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