The Kathy and Derek Chronicle Part VI

… his head and shoulders bounced up and down from giggling laughter, he suddenly turned and an instant later all I saw was his back receding away as he rushed toward the passenger side of his car.


Meanwhile, six or seven cars had lined up behind my friend’s car oblivious to the circumstances at hand, their passengers anxious to move past the stop sign and continue along on their various well worn paths.

I looked at the face of the female half of my friends relationship, her head still outside of the passenger side window.

With a shit eating grin still on her face she yelled,  ‘’So, whaddya been doing with yourself these days!’’ then laughed hysterically, while I stood on the black top with a grin on my face.

Suddenly, I realized I was all alone, my car running without me in it … facing a line of incoming traffic growing longer by the minute. I started to feel their resentment ratchet up.

Like …  even if they knew what was happening because they’d seen Scooter Man trapped under his scotter … they still wouldn’t have known about the penis on the sign … which wouldn’t have made any difference anyway, because the real reason traffic was being held up was, I was totally debilitated by the absurdity of the penis on the sign and my friends were debilitated by the sight of me being debilitated by the penis on the sign.

So … how were all those people  supposed to know that?

Since no one really cared about Scooter Man or the penis on the sign, I knew the drivers of all those cars were going to start getting pissed at me.

So, I figured it’s time to get the hell out of there.

continued …

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