I turned my head again to look at the yard sign where I saw Scooter Guy attempting to saddle his scooter having tipped it right side up by himself … 


One wheel of the scooter rested on the shoulder, the other on the black top of the busy “connector” street I had been stopped at, when I first noticed Scooter Guy fall (becoming trapped beneath his scooter),  where soon he would soon be driving  … against traffic.

(Across the street, a wide gray concrete bike path watched Scooter Guy with cold indifference all the while thinking, ‘’Jeeze, what a dumb ass.”)

When I looked at the sign again, all thoughts of Scooter Guy evaporated.  The penis inserted between the A and D seemed to have grown larger and much more prominent than before.  I asked myself,  why in God’s name would Scooter Guy insert a penis between the R and D of his yard sale sign in the first place?

continued ….