When I turned to remark about the penis in ‘’yeard’’ sale, the male half of my two friends Derek, a giant of a man, six feet four at least, his bald head shining in the afternoon sun, his front teeth visible  behind lips stretched into a wide smile, loomed  larger and larger within my field of vision until only the buttons on his plaid shirt were visible.

I closed my eyes and felt a hard embrace. Since I hadn’t seen Derek in a while I returned the favor while pounding the right side angel bone of his back with my open hand.

When I pulled back from his hug and looked up at his smiling face,  his eyes wide and round and blue, his mouth still stretched side to side, his teeth still showing  I heard him say,  ‘’Can you believe how that guy spelled yard?”

I turned my head again to look at the yard sign where I saw Scooter Guy attempting to saddle his scooter having tipped it right side up all by himself …

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