The Kathy and Derek Chronicle Part I

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I hadn’t seen my married friends for quite a while.

I like them because they aren’t afraid to laugh at ridiculously stupid experiences.

Since they and I both think that, ”stupid is funny,” we don’t mind letting … or even making … everyday experiences become stupid.  Life can be pretty entertaining when stupid stuff happens all the time.

So, this story is a perfect example of how we can turn a seemingly innocuous experience into one that is so stupid that it becomes hilariously funny.  (at least to us … )

So like I said, I hadn’t seen them for a while … at least a year … until that Saturday,  about a week ago.

I sat in my car at a stop sign that day … the second car in line …  when I realized a commotion was taking place on the corner to my left, between two people …  the driver of the car in front of me and another man I’ll call Scooter Guy … who sat on one of those three wheeled scooters that elderly people drive all over town.

At first I thought the driver was a friend of Scooter Guy since it appeared that he was helping Scooter Guy put a flappy little sign into the ground advertising a giant yard sale.

I thought they might have been having one of those joint yard sales, until the driver turned,  walked away from Scooter Guy, got into his car and drove away in what appeared to be a state of exasperation.

I sensed cars backing up behind me so I moved the Mustang closer to the stop sign but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Scooter Guy who, sitting on the scooter, was attempting to jam the stick attached to the sign into the ground with just his left arm when …  the combination of his weight shifting to the left and the back wheel dropping off of the black top into a 12 inch rut,  caused the scooter to flip onto its side pinning half of Scooter Guy’s body beneath it.

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