Bright Night Revealed


It seemed that as contrast deepened

i could see more clearly subtle and great beauty

buried within the world around me …

… and

it seemed like

the more beauty i saw

the more distinct and easy it was to

see  …


… so i looked more deeply


 discovered beauty trapped within

degradation and loss …


when i became aware …

beauty was set

free …


it seemed i was


a contest of wills


absorption and freedom


knowledge and lack of unawareness between

light and darkness …


i wondered …

if beauty and light

would always be threatened by the

brutal loneliness of

the dark … ?


will they travel forever as two parallel

lines … ?


…  or, does light have a


while darkness waits for

light to fill its

void … ?

  perhaps the driving force behind every creative act is


light blown outwards

will fill the darkest

coves …


… perhaps when


trapped within the rape and annihilation of darkness …

is set free …

the mystery of darkest nights

beauty …

will finally be

revealed …

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