Ex-It II

” … an exploding star repelling me outward into the nothingness of space where i would exist into eternity …. why, why, WHY, i asked myself … !!!” continued …


….  i felt the blackness leaking through the space around my eyes a roiling mixture of molecular sized particles working their way along the space between gray matter and the hard bone of my cranium …  moving closer and closer to my cortex, i felt the sharp edges of sand and grit gouging and shredding bigger and bigger chunks of my brain  …

… when i thought the experience couldn’t get any worse, the particles began seeping through each orifice of my body my nostrils, my ears even the pores of my skin …

….. i saw my life moving away … my mind deprogramming itself … bits of memories floating away, receding into a mist … the past stolen by something much bigger than my puny mind could imagine …

….. i threw my arms apart and wailed but the wind battered me even more fiercely … i felt myself pulled down and down and down … with a sense of finality, i gave myself over to this mysterious force …  and




abyss ….

continued …

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