Ex – It


….. at once ….. i was seized by an angry black whirlwind that battered my face with dust, dirt and shards of stone …

…. a vortex of emotions churned and spun within me … fear, panic, hopelessness, wonder, curiosity, anger …  rage, pain  ….. utter confusion … despair … !

….. what was happening … !

….. why was this happening to me ?? … WHAT IS CAUSING THIS TO HAPPEN ….. !

….. the whirlwind continued to spin me ’round and ’round …

….. naked, the clothes ripped and shredded  from my body the dirt and dust and debris peppered every square inch of my skin …

… clenched more tightly by the spinning black fist that enveloped me … the world dimmed to dark gray then disappeared and i existed trapped, within utter blackness ….

….. the only space that existed … the light of past memories dim and far away slowly replaced by the vision of a serpent unfurling itself, its sly  evil eyes, flickering tongue and all knowing smile telling me that soon my entire being would be ripped apart by that single particle of anti matter seizing control … an exploding star repelling me outward into the nothingness of space where i would exist into eternity …..

…. why, why, WHY, i asked myself … !!!

continued …

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