Ice Shanty Moon: from, Night Ice Shades Varying Mood Intensity Daytime Light Darkness Infinity


Ice Shanty …

… habitats of hidden light life within, stark, unknown behind darkness, beyond, within worlds of living beauty, on the edge between the cracks of two worlds layered; liquid state, static ice, sustaining worlds between, open portal into the dark beyond, where light lies waiting to expand …


… the Moon full and round and yellow and white … ever changing placid … a constant being in our world  of complexity … slim or full of itself, a portal of mysterious content giving inspiration … an astral thing we depend on … an unblinking eye once mysterious … a living being with a face of astro proportions … it’s light holds nature’s free forms in perfect balance on moonlit nights … black and white polar opposites held for us to see at moments of strange fulfillment … our world and everything in it … Itself …


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