Unknown-3 🏆✨💛 Winner First Annual Little Monster Girl Award For Excellence

I watched Bob navigate perilously close to high cliffs, in imminent danger from falling cans of tomato sauce if he made a clumsy Y turn.

After we paid for his food, I loaded everything into the car and we drove to his apartment where I helped him pack his walker full of groceries before parking the car.

When I came inside, Bob and another man with a walker were chatting next to the elevator doors.

“Hey Bob,’’ the other man said,  “Bring plenty of dough to the game tonight. My wife could use some extra shopping money.”

“Yeah sure,” Bob said, nodding his head while looking up at the  slowly descending numbers above the doors.  “I’ll probably have to use a credit card to buy groceries next week.’’  They both laughed.

Back inside his apartment, Bob stared at the groceries stacked on his kitchen table.

“That doesn’t look like $75 worth of groceries to me.’’

I showed him the receipt for $47.64.  He nodded his head, abruptly turned and walked away.

‘’I gotta go,” he said.  “Nature’s calling.’’

I put the groceries away then set a cluster of grapes on napkins at both ends of the table, like I always do and waited for Bob to return.

Bob stared silently at the two clusters while I stood waiting.

“What makes you think you can just take grapes for yourself without asking? Why not grab few cookies while you’re at it?” He pointed to the cookie jar.

Bob, a former deep sea diver, stared down at me from his six feet four frame.  His  stare was unrelenting.  I felt like crying.

When I reached for the refrigerator door he punched me on the shoulder.

‘’Just kidding,’’ he said as he sat down.

I didn’t think it was funny.

“Don’t ever pull that shit on me again, Bob,’’ I said.

I took my grapes and went into the living room.

Within a couple of minutes I thought, if Bob could bluff me into crying he should have no problem taking money from that yahoo next to the elevator downstairs.