The Best Marshmallow … III

… I had never roasted a marshmallow before.  I didn’t think they looked that great because they were on fire and black but I thought .,.. why not.    So one of the guys stuck a marshmallow on the end of one of those forked prongs and handed it to me …  continued … 

So while everyone watched, I roasted the marshmallow and when it turned golden brown and started to catch fire,  the sister who was standing next to me, started yelling at me to blow it out .. it’s time … don’t wait any longer .. eat it … !”


so i blew on it a couple of times and with My lips puckered, I  pulled it off of the prongs into my mouth and that’s when i  had the biggest surprise of my life!


the surface of the MARSHMALLOW felt like thin paper that tasted like caramel or burned candy.


i didn’t know that inside the thin burned paper,  the marshmallow  was melted.  so, as this incrdible COMBINATION OF FLAVORS,  warm and sweet with a slight after taste of burned sugar, flowed around my tongue and teeth and gums and the roof of my mouth …  an alarm clock went off inside my brain and every thought and nerve in my body woke up screaming …  sweet!  sweet!  carmel!  sugar!  good! tastes good! sweet!


I felt my eyebrows raise up and my eyes open wide .  then  I closed my eyes,  TILTED MY HEAD BACK slightly and luxuriated in the sweet flavor warm and delicious hearing a low vibrating sound of “Ummmmm …. ” as the delicious concoction trickled down my throat into my stomach.  i had never tasted anything so deliciously sweet in my entire life!

Then I realize everyone is laughing and pointing at me.  The younger sister next to me squeales and claps her hands and jumps up and down all at the same time!

“Look at his face!  Look at his face,” she squeals!

While I’ve had hundreds perhaps thousands of roasted marshmallows and had some pretty good s’mores to boot whenever people are roasting marshmallows I love to tell about the first time I ate one, standing next to a big fire on top of a sand dune, next to the big lake, on a cool summer night with the stars above and a laughing family while the wind joined everything together … and i tell them, that’s when i had the best roasted marshmallow I ever had!

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