The First Marshmallow II

and I saw so many stars and … and the white caps and the laughing orange faces on everyone, (and) the cool breeze seemed to …. … add up to some special new feelings within me … continued … 


 And while I,

who was only 9 at the time,

was enjoying this special new feeling,

one of the boys took out a bag of marshmallows

and the family passed around metal prongs,

(… the kind you use when you cook a hot dog

over an open fire …)

and I watched everyone take a marshmallow or two

and put them on the end of their metal prong


hold the marshmallow over the flame until it started to turn dark brown

(sometimes black)

and burn with an orange

flame …


when one of the brothers

removed his from the fire,

he blew out the flame,

blew on the marshmallow a second time …

(… to cool it …)

put the marshmallow in his mouth and  pulled the metal prong out of

his mouth with

lips puckered …

(.. to keep the sticky marshmallow inside ..)


After the older brother pulled his first marshmallow off his prong

he turned and asked me if i wanted a roasted marshmallow …


 I didn’t think they looked that great

because they were on fire

and burned black but I said,


continued …

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