The First Marshmallow


One evening just after sunset I saw a fire at the beach house to cottages  to mine.

I went over to watch the people … two boys, a teen aged sister and their  parents …  who were standing around the fire having a great time laughing and talking.

They knew me so when they saw me standing in the shadows they invited me over to enjoy the fire with them.

So I went to the fire and stood with the boys and watched everyone talk and laugh and pretty soon I found himself laughing along whenever anyone said something funny or acted silly.

After a while I felt like I was almost part of the family.   I relaxed and sat down on a big log  next to the fire.

I looked around at everyone smiling while ripples of orange and black and  gray continually moved across their faces mirroring the flames of the fire.  And the night was cool, because it was early summer, and the fire felt warm, so the goose bumps on my arms disappeared and I felt warm and comfortable.

And the breeze blew through my hair and since I wasn’t cold anymore the cool breeze felt refreshing on my first sunburn of the summer and I heard the waves swish against the shore and when I turned and looked at the lake I saw small white caps briefly sparkle from the firelight then lap against the shoreline.

And I looked up at the sky and I saw so many stars and between the fire and the laughter and the night sky and the swish of  the waves and the white caps and the laughing orange faces on everyone, it seemed the cool breeze wrapped itself around and joined everything together and it all added up to some special new feelings within me.

continued …

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