My Infinity


i see within it all that’s real … each day each shape and form laid flat to see … a sandy beach, live cells of silica, hardened quartz with flakes of mica, the curve and flow of thin rain clouds, black snow the alter ego, dark holes made smooth suspended in time, frozen in crystalline sleep, wrapped around edges tamed, made smooth to suit purpose, my window into creation …

i love to rest on my hands and elbows

while gazing into

my infinity …

the magnificence of my

granite counter

top …

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  1. tribalmysticstories

    Is that really your granite top? I may be asking one of those naive questions. But, if it is, it is beautiful.


    1. Kurt Struble

      i found this picture on Google Images … it looks exactly like the granite of my counter top and i often stare at it in wonder … perhaps it solidified billions of years ago when the earth was formed. amazing … ! thanks for sharing your naiveté that wasn’t so naive after all … ks

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