Seriously!  This is not some serious shit!!


Depending on your level of passion anger can be great creative fuel!

The best way to sublimate anger … other than creating your own personal masterpiece … is through humor!!

If you turn anger into being funny you can deflate its destructive tendencies while creating your personal masterpiece AT THE SAME TIME!

Think what would happen if you took all the bullets away from terrorists, gave them plastic guns and made them believe they were shooting invisible bullets!   Now THAT’S funny!  Isn’t it??

Wull, maybe that’s not a great example.  I can’t imagine a bunch of terrorists running around laughing because of the absurdity of shooting invisible bullets!!!

Eventually you’d probably get shot … or killed!  That wouldn’t be funny but who knows … maybe this is the creative humor that terrorists have!?

The point is … sublimating anger can deflate other anger if you express it creatively!!

The same thing can be said about Truth … oh, and Love.

When I finished writing my comment, I told her … that’s all i have to say otherwise i’ll go on ad nauseum (sp)  … and i don’t want to make myself sick … !!

I thanked her for reading my two blog postings; “The Gray of Darkest Night” and “Life … Knowledge” part II and said good bye.

Thanks for reading this.  ks