Anger … By K.S. Part II

Seriously!  This is not some serious shit!!


Depending on your level of passion anger can be great creative fuel!

The best way to sublimate anger … other than creating your own personal masterpiece … is through humor!!

If you turn anger into being funny you can deflate its destructive tendencies while creating your personal masterpiece AT THE SAME TIME!

Think what would happen if you took all the bullets away from terrorists, gave them plastic guns and made them believe they were shooting invisible bullets!   Now THAT’S funny!  Isn’t it??

Wull, maybe that’s not a great example.  I can’t imagine a bunch of terrorists running around laughing because of the absurdity of shooting invisible bullets!!!

Eventually you’d probably get shot … or killed!  That wouldn’t be funny but who knows … maybe this is the creative humor that terrorists have!?

The point is … sublimating anger can deflate other anger if you express it creatively!!

The same thing can be said about Truth … oh, and Love.

When I finished writing my comment, I told her … that’s all i have to say otherwise i’ll go on ad nauseum (sp)  … and i don’t want to make myself sick … !!

I thanked her for reading my two blog postings; “The Gray of Darkest Night” and “Life … Knowledge” part II and said good bye.

Thanks for reading this.  ks

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  1. betternotbroken

    I watched a YouTube video from, the speaker attributes a quote to Stephen King that “Comedy is anger with it’s make up on.” Anger is “bad” – we are not “supposed” to have it or show it, especially women so then what? What do you do when you have been hurt even crippled by the choices of others? You have to process everything and I for one think humor is the way to go, I may turn this comment into a post. Thank you for the inspiration, I now know to call it “sublimating.”


    1. Kurt Struble

      back during the cold war the beatles did the song ‘back in the ussr’ that makes fun of what it was like to live in russia … everyone heard it and russia became a bit of a laughing stock around the world because of it … it’s even been said that that song played a role in the eventual downfall of russia. i think this is true to some extent. their humor against the dictatorial style of russian rule te of russia, took the form of sarcasm. it still made people laugh and it was an effective weapon without anyone getting hurt. laugher as a weapon? jeeze, who woulda thought? ….. anyway, i don’t agree with stephen king … maybe because i bet he’s not the kind of person who goes around making people laugh all day. i interact with every person i see all day every day. i say hi to every person … i look into their eyes a certain way and they brighten up. some laugh. whenever i talk to any person … there’s laughter at the end. i don’t know how i do this. it’s a mystery to me. it just carries me along and i never know what’s going to come out of my mouth next so it’s highly entertaining even to me. i wasn’t like this all my life … it started happening around five years ago. the only reason i say this is that since i’ve observed laughter so often my conclusion is that it comes from … the unexpected … pay attention to what comedians do … they say things that surprise you … so you end up laughing … laughter is a kind of release from being surprised … . ….. as to your comment …. and by the way, this is one of the greatest compliments ever paid to me … and definitely the longest comment since i’ve been blogging … .. laughter in itself … is a form of sublimated anger … … for e.g., when you see that asshole who cheated on you … if you could find a way to laugh at him because he’s such jerk … he’d be totally humiliated and it would make you feel soooo good. he’d think about it for days … ! what a great way to poke someone in the ribs without hurting yourself or the other person … a little humiliation never hurt anybody … . it’s the kind of pain that keeps on giving …. . anyway, thank you so much for your kind words … which is one of the blah blah’s i hear all the time … but i really mean it. jeeze … thanks. ks wull … another e.g. of sublimating anger would be van gough the painter (of course you knew that but i didn’t know if i spelled his namemcorrectly) … of course his paintings are far from funny BUT that pain can be a powerful creative force … can’t it ? is you real name Better Nobroken? thanks again … jeeze … you made me feel so good … ks


  2. Kurt Struble

    i hope i didn’t offend you … i edited out the language … ks


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