Life … Knowledge

 … content to accept all that is true without conscious effort, a part of the whole, absorbing through their finger tips … all there is to know … continued …

Unknown-1“Trees are such marvelous beings aren’t they?” he said.  “The supreme creation of Life, along the continuum of awareness, free from all bonds, able to gather all knowledge from the earth and sky then share it with one another.’’

‘’Look at the movement of the limbs!’’

We watched the patterns of movement different than the leaves yet joined together connected, waving at the world or punching each other in playfulness forming even more patterns laughing or even guffawing with the wind, its half brother/sister in shared partnership.

We listened and through the silence of our minds …  we heard the hiss of the leaves and wind, we watched the waving limbs patterned against the blue sky as laughter from a playground of children.

Then He told us how they reach the tendrils of their minds  … their roots … into the soil where they feel the vibrations of the planet and they know what they are hearing, they understand the language of the earth, they know the Truths of life the truths of the universe from the smallest particles outward.  One long strip of awareness from where they are rooted to the edge of the horizon and far beyond.

“They know the stuff we struggle to understand,” he said, “plus an infinity of knowledge more, while we scurry about like ants grabbing pieces of sticks or crumbs of knowledge left over from a picnic,  all the while thinking how supreme we are …. .”

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