Lake Magic

Sights alive below ancient remembrance

buried deeply inside magnificent 

powerful worlds, nature’s seductive passion 

raw brilliance 

inspire irresistible forces … 


enticing night waves calm water

cold lapping kisses soft and sweet 

kiss after kiss after kiss … 

beckon shoreline movement, quickly 

rising passion …  pounding insistent

unseen forces stir wind and shore, glacial cold storm’s passionate heaving motion … 


beneath magnificent visions

thought bearing forms, divine, combined whole and perfect …

one with light and darkness 

complete and torn asunder … 

expansive womb agape

wave after wave of devastating forces

give birth … pass on sand, water, air genes bearing shoreline dreams … re-creations, spectacular shapes, different faces, new beginnings, profound beauty … newly constructed sculptures

from constant motion

held captive

for the 

taking …

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