… so we got another rat …the brown one from the psych lab i told you about …the one with the huge testacles … but i can’t remember what it’s name was …


 We were eating ice cream bars inside the

screened in porch shortly after a

baseball sized clod of dirt had

exploded on my brother’s

forehead …

… roughly between his eyes …

during a dirt fight in the

field in back of our

house …


since he cried so hard ..,.


holding him down to

hose all that dirt from his


wasn’t a lot of

fun for him …

we let him sit in the

rocking chair


after that, everything was

nice and

peaceful …


the brown rat crept around

minding its own

business sniffling every object in

sight …


we talked and

laughed …

my brother rocked

contentedly …

we savored our ice cream

bars … anxious for the

rotten apple

fight we decided we’d have …

when we heard a

high pitched

squeal … !


my brother rocked over the


killing it !


while he cried we buried

the brown rat in the

field …


then we had the

rotten apple fight

in the vacant lot next

to our

house  …


when my brother threw a

rotten apple at me i


aside …


after passing through the open passenger side window of a car passing by

the impact of the apple against the curved windshield inside the car

produced an apple vinegar scented spray

of liquified apple chunks, skin, and seeds that clung not only to the father but

his four year old daughter sitting on the passenger side seat of the car ..


this wasn’t my brother’s day …


a dirt clod exploded on his

forehead …

he killed his pet rat


covered a father and his daughter with the

chunks and soured juice of a

rotten apple

which he had accidentally thrown through the open passenger side window of a car passing by …


after that day we decided not to have

any more pet rats   …

their life spans were just too

short …images-2

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