Song For My Father


First I heard Stan playing ‘one note’ with samba beat

in conjunction with machiado and whip cream

a chorus of shopping  murmurs

hello names … espresso pastries

jive talk and solitary people

seeking dreams within

themselves …


when Diz joined in

i heard those afro cuban rhythms and

lost notes

grown around the tree rings

of his later

career …


so sad to hear those mighty

bellows gone

slack …


then came Horace’s

silver notes

those repeating overtones simple and

 sweet …

you’d think a  child could make them until

you find yourself floating through space

in singularity with his

time …


how grand to hear such musical thought

pay tribute to one so dear …


Song To My Father” …

… ”if there was ever a man who was generous, gracious and good  …

it was my dad ….. 

the man ….. ‘’


Ahhhhhhhh …..


i wish i’d have felt that sweet

love …

our common denominator

in that relationship with Life …


Love …

the bond we all hope for so

well …


through Horace

”the silver man” …

i share more paternal love

than i ever thought

possible …

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  1. vam

    Reblogged this on Truth Within, Shines Without and commented:
    It’s a song we each already have …
    This is to make you strum it up, now.


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