The Runner III

... a split second before contact i saw the top half of the number on his jersey the outline of his helmet his head barely lowered his eyes wide with fear … continued …


 i narrowed my


focused on my

target …

the area below the

sternum where

both sides of the rib cage


below the

heart  …


at precisely the right

moment i



coiled power of my

legs …


i felt myself spring

forward …


my right shoulder

sunk into the soft

spot below his rib

cage …


 at the same instant, i heard a forceful

“whoof” as the


was forced out of his

lungs …


my head rested against the

right side of the his

ribs …


my right arm wrapped around his

back just above his

waist …


my right hand

clenched into a fist …

 pulled the runner


tightly into my

grasp …


when my

shoulder sunk into his


 i opened my

eyes …


green grass, grains of the

soil,  part of a white

chalk line

blurred across my

vision  …


simultaneously i

wrapped my other arm

around his left


lifted him off of his


drove the mass of my

body forward


… with the help of gravity …


completing the full

180 degree arc of the

tackle … continued

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