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Purple Words

– For Frausto –

(Amy Debby)


One late Spring day, my 

students and I 

walked to the 

Dairy Queen with the 

thought in mind that we would 

capture unique experiences and 

write about them when we 

returned to the class 

room … 


After lunch, we formed a 

single file line crossed the 

road to the



west for two blocks, past the 


where i was

born … 


We continued 

along the north side of the 

fence surrounding the big 

athletic field

(where the Friday night

Varsity games



 past the town park where

played baseball


ice skated as a 

boy … 


While we walked I

roamed from the 

front to the 

back of the line

pointing to 


their eight year old minds

might not

notice  … 


I told them to 

listen to the 

sound of car 

tires rolling over the  blacktop 


While stopped, we heard the 

distant moan of a 

diesel engine … 


They thought the groaning 

engine was probably 

working hard to push



different places at the 

‘’rail yard’’


to the big 

“Round House” … 


One girl said, 


the engine was pulling a 

quarter mile long

train of 

boxcars … 


I pointed to the diverse 

shades of green and the different 





maple and 

elm trees … 


When a


gusted past i asked them 

how it felt


what words they would use


describe the sound as it 

passed over their 

ears … 


After a while they began to 

glimpse the world between the 

lines … 

pointing to things I 

would never have 

noticed …

continued … 

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  1. poulakose

    I had a really wonderful comment written for this one, but something went wrong (sounds familiar doesn’t it?).
    Anyway, I appreciate you sharing this story. I’m going to school now to be a teacher and most of what I hear about teaching is so negative. It’s nice to see a story where a teacher really has an impact on their students. It’s a fresh perspective compared to the typical cynicism.
    Also, I like how you can hide such profound messages in such simple writing. I especially like the idea of glimpsing the world between the lines. It reminds of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard. If you look closely enough at something it becomes incredibly profound. Every blade of grass, every insect, every cell in every body carries some significance.
    Wonderful work!


    1. Kurt Struble

      this was an experience i had many years ago when i taught third grade … i haven’t taught in years … i still hive contact with a couple of my students … one who is the city manager of the small town where i grew up … she still remembers the experience with great detail .. in fact she’s the student who listed every impression … anxious to please …. i would like your opinion on so many pieces .. like i said .. i’m starved for feed back … but let’s take it slow …. i haven’t gone back into your archives too explore what YOU have written so i don’t know anything except the most recent pieces i’ve seen … i’d like to go back and see if there’s any kind of evolutionary trend in your writing … or whatever …. so … this is what i’ll do ….. jeeze … don’t you hate it when that happens ?? ks

      Liked by 1 person

      1. poulakose

        I just started this blog a week or two ago, so you haven’t missed much. Don’t feel obligated to go digging back through my old stuff.


      2. Kurt Struble

        REALLY! a week or two ago … ?! obligated! wow !!

        then, everything i wrote about blogging must have some relevancy .. especially what i wrote about ”comments” … we’re all in this to LEARN … and you can’t learn if all people want to do is stroke you … for the reasons i said before …. their ‘numbers’ basically … wull …. i enjoy analyzing .. interpreting … and i really enjoy your work …. BUT … hmmmm … let me get something straight … how can i say this … i’m NOT some person who is trying to worm their way into your life ….. !!! OK?

        and i do NOT feel obligated … i have my reasons …

        maybe we can help each other because we have something in common … you don’t like to show your work …. so you won’t get feedback from the people you know (who probably won’t be honest with you anyway) … AND … as i have indicated by my own experiences you won’t get REAL feedback blogging except that people will ”like” you many who want to increase their numbers but … won’t give you any real feedback anyway … so … maybe i can give you what want and need while i can get something that i want and need …. because i need feedback as much as you … it may not work but what the hell … at least i’d like to give it a try .. unless you don’t want to and that’s ok … I’ve been doing this for almost two years … so i can help … maybe i can give you a head start??? jeeze … it’s just something to think about at this point. so anyway thanks for stopping by … ks … p.s. … please please be honest with me …. at least try … and i’ll be honest with you … at least i’ll try …. ks no need to reply if you’re not interested … i hope it doesn’t stop you from reading me even though … IF you enjoy … thanks again …. ks

        Liked by 1 person

      3. poulakose

        Okay. I have no problem with giving you feedback or vice versa.


      4. Kurt Struble

        judging by the crayon piece … it doesn’t look like you’re going to have any problem getting feedback … i’ll be around …. ks


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