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I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … !


… when that wall of sound washed over me me it

knocked my head straight back … 

don’t they call that the G note,

or something like that … ?



 what’s funny is … 

I wasn’t even trying to be  

funny … !


 it was one of those moments when i found myself

unconsciously being completely

honest … ! almost like I was having an 

out of body experience … !

spontaneous, innocent  honesty is so

out of the realm people’s lives … !!

 because it’s so rare … so totally unexpected  …  

it makes people laugh … !


wull … what’s even funnier still is, 

looking back i see myself  continuing to

ponder the question … !! .. !

 like, maybe Alexander Graham Bell was trying

to figure out a way to let his servants know

it was time to bring the soup 

to the dining room upstairs …?


or, maybe he didn’t even know what the 

damn thing would be used for … he just knew

someone ELSE was trying to invent one

and HE wanted to be first … !

 so therefore … how could ANYONE really 

KNOW why the telephone was invented … ?  


i knew those three women had absolutely no idea 

that the question had taken on such ridiculously high

philosophical dimensions to me …


and i damn sure wasn’t going to give them

even an inkling of 

what I was thinking …

… continued …


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