I Wasn’t Even Trying To Be Funny … ? One …

– 1 –

I wasn’t looking forward to going into the

office that day because

according to procedures, paper

work is to be turned in

the next day before

ten o’clock …


I was already one day late PLUS

I’d be going in after

ten o’clock … !


on top of that,

when I’ve done something


I get intimidated by all the

women at the

office …


i know they talk so,

i knew they were all

aware that i

didn’t get my

paperwork in on

time …


sometimes i feel like they

gang up on me …


maybe I’m just

paranoid … !


i don’t want to

dwell on my

paranoid feelings about


though …


shit happens to me

every day not just

at the office but,

all over the place …


i’m not sure if any of it is

interesting or

funny …


it is what it is

but …

at the end of the day


sometimes get a

chuckle out of reliving these

experiences …

within the confines of my

mind …


this happened to be one of those days …

continued …

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