Crossroad … Journey South


I made my way further south to the

coast where I settled into a

community of

Greeks …


a small island of Greek

culture apart from the surrounding

world …


people who searched for

sponges in the warm waters of the

Gulf, built boats and told

endless stories through the

ancient language of

beauty and

thought …


Stories that captivated my

mind even though I didn’t understand a

word … .



words … ?… music to my

ears …

melody and cadence that rose and fell

filled … I supposed …  with

adventure and

humor … the


hidden from my mind yet,

endlessly interesting or


 funny …


like an

 adventurer from

another land might feel at first

encounter with

blues music,

captivated by its power but

unknowing of it’s

history or

intent …..


I spent most of my days working

between the giant chalks that

held the 70 foot

shrimp boats above ground …

… we hauled from the water with thick cables 


railroad tracks below the 


line …


giving maintenance to

their hulls …

scraping barnacles from their


filling their cracked seams with

braids of cotton pounded in

with a wooden


then  …


… dressing them out with coats of

copper paint before returning them to

gulf waters after a few days of

R and R …


continued …..

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