The Crossroad


– The Crossroad –

In my deepest despair, a driver with pity stopped … and 

my hopes for the future suddenly

restored, i felt

hopeful  …

i was 

back on the 

road  to 

where the  

resolve to change my 

world would be tested and I’d


free … !


sprinting toward the inclined 

steps of Angel Hall on the 

U of M campus, with 

minutes to spare, i 

shouted a hurried 

thanks to my 

driver with

pity …


the roman columns and the great

bronze double doors 

 bouncing in my 

field of vision kept 

perfect time with the 

rise and fall of my

boots pushing upward two, three

steps at a 

time … 


i pulled the 

great bronze 

door …


near panic i entered the

world of 

light …


a red 

arrow pointed to the 

left where … 

… at the end of a long hallway … 

a double set of 

blond colored wood doors 

appeared … (the right door open) … 

flanked by a 

doorman casually looking at the 

watch on his 

wrist …

continued …

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